Artist Biography


Patricia Clendening Buzzerio studied History and Liberal Arts at the University of Minnesota and received her Masters degree from Chapman University in California. Patricia has been an active artist for more than 15 years.

Patricia’s art is influenced by the visual simplicity of Matisse and The Expressionist. Often her compositions are symmetrical while her style seems very much down to earth and solid. She uses a language that is simple and easily comprehensible, at times almost naïve. The appealing and flattering selection of her palette evokes positive emotions to viewers.

Patricia belongs to that group of artist who seem to seek to revive the portrayal of nature, landscape painting or the “Idea of Beauty” in general. Even though stylistically this group is rather diverse, it is united by the belief: Art must be beyond the idea of marketing and that each work of art may still claim an aura. Craftsmanship and personal vision, contribute to her uniqueness. Patricia’s oil paintings abstract compositions with rich colors while harmonizes essential elements of place. Her powerful, expressive brush strokes emphasizes the natural beauty of  evocative terrain.

Patricia is a third-generation artist who grew up in Minnesota.  She has made her home on both the east and west coasts of the United States, and has lived in Europe for more than 12 years.  While living in Provence, Patricia started painting with oils to capture the crystal bright sunlight and the rich verdant landscapes. Patricia currently lives in southern Holland.

Her artwork is displayed throughout the United States, Canada, Japan, Russia, Europe and Africa.  She accepts commissions and works with clients to create expressive, meaningful pieces of art.


“If you asked me what I came to do in this world as an artist,

I will answer you;

I came to live out loud.”

                   Emile Zola

                             Patricia Clendening Buzzerio